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Underwater Filming by Rich Stevenson

Underwater camera and specialist equipment hire

Equipment that I own and operate is detailed below, click here to download the Underwater Camera Hire list PDF 

Red Epic Weapon / Dragon 

I have a Gates underwater housing that takes either the Epic Weapon or Dragon camera systems. It also comes with remote follow focus and HDSDI surface monitoring for DP/focus puller, and can be operated without the follow focus if working in open water. The housing has a 5″ HD monitor kit for critical focus and framing, and a double V lock plate is in the housing for longer operation under water.
Lens support is for PL, Canon and Nikon lenses and there are a variety of lenses that work well with the Epic which are detailed below.

Alexa Mini camera

This camera system is a firm favourite with commercials and features and is supported with a Nauticam underwater housing. As with the Epic housing above, this kit comes with a 5″ HD monitor for the operator to control critical focus and framing, and the housing can be used manually in open water. For studio work I have installed the hardware support to enable the WCU4 hand controller and C-force mini motors to control focus, iris and zoom from the surface using 45m long waterproofed cables. An independent iris control for DOP can also be integrated into this housing in addition to the WCU4 controller used by the focus puller.

Scubacam bags

Scubacam bags are available for a multitude of cameras such as the Alexa min, Red Epic, Sony FS72, Phantom 4k flex and Canon C300mk2.  The bags are designed to fit quite a few different cameras, so drop me a line if you need to check what could possibly work. The bags are great for shallow filming where the operator is looking for a quick and simple waterproofing solution for their camera. Personally if I’m filming underwater I’d use a housing, but the bags can provide a great option for the correct environment.
Please also note that I now have a much bigger scubacam bag that fits the larger Alexa cameras and the Phantom 4K flex. This bag has cabling for the LCS, RCU and surface power options and all the bags have surface feeds for picture and lens control

Filming with Phantom Flex

Sony PMW 200

Sony PMW 200 in Gates underwater housing with surface HDSDI cable out for higher bit-rate recording (100Mbps) and surface monitoring by DP/DIR etc. This rig shoots HD broadcast ready 50Mbps straight onto the 2 x 32gb SxS cards giving 120 minutes of record time that is balanced perfectly with the larger BPU 260 batteries that the kit comes with.

This camera is mainly for documentary and presenter work as we can plug in an audio feed from the presenters mask to record an audio sync track over the video which makes post production much easier.

Click here for a video I made on underwater audio recording which is useful for any production considering putting a presenter underwater to make pieces to camera whilst diving.

The housing also has a hydrophone that can be used to capture underwater wild track such as bubbles, reef noises etc.

Finally this system has a variety of ports for the front end that allow super wide angle through to flat port macro work making the whole rig incredibly versatile and quick to use in the field

Sony A7S2 and Pansonic GH5 systems

Both these popular cameras are now supported in Nauticam housings. The Sony cameras were bought for working in low light conditions as they have an exceptionally sensitive sensor capable of high ISO with low noise patterns, and the GH5 offers 10 bit colour profile on 4k internal recording, and either camera is a perfect small form solution for high resolution imaging
To see a video of how the original  A7S (not A7S2) performs at night please click here This film was shot in October 2015 out in Malta on a shipwreck, incredible demonstration of how light sensitive the sensor is with low noise at high ISO
Please note I also have an Aquatec surf housing for the Panasonic GH5 that supports both the 7-14 and 12-35mm Panasonic native lenses

Go Pro 6 x camera 360 filming kit

The 360 Hero housing has provided some stunning 360 films in the past 12 months and is a complete kit ready to use and shoot 360 through 6 individual Go Pro 4 black cameras that are included in the kit. Please click here to visit the show reels page to see an example of what the cameras can produce

Canon 5D3 /4 / S Ikelite housing

The Ikelite housing supports the Canon 5D3, 5D4 and 5DS camera bodies and has lens control for the 16-35 and 17-40mm Canon L series lenses. The kit comes with an 8″ dome port and is probably our most simplest camera housing to set up and use.

Specialist underwater camera systems

I’ve also made equipment for one-off filming projects where an already existing solution doesn’t exist. Some examples of equipment  made include 360 degree filming rigs, hydraulic camera cranes, pole cams and tow cams. At the bottom of this page are some photos of equipment that’s been designed and built for bespoke projects, and if you need something making or engineering please get in touch.

My 3 inflatable boats can all be transported together, and these are powered by either petrol outboards or silent electric outboards which are brilliant to use when filming. These 3 boats are incredibly versatile and range in size from 3.65m to 5.95m and can be used for a variety of roles. In particular I find the largest one makes a very stable camera boat whilst still able to launch from a beach by hand and carry and impressive 1800kg payload.


Of course not every shoot can manage with just inflatables, so over the years I’ve made a great number of contacts with boat owners throughout the UK. If your production needs a different style of boat then let me put you in contact with the boats I’ve worked with in the past so you can see what other options are available to you.

safety and rescue boats

For a comprehensive list of our equipment for hire please click here: Underwater Camera Hire list

To download my company PDF brochure detailing the services on offer please click here: Waterproof Media services PDF

Below are some images of the equipment we own and use, please click on the right hand side of the image to scroll through

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