Underwater Filming by Rich Stevenson

Scubacam Lightweight Waterproof Housings

Download our hire list here: RS Underwater camera hire list

We have 4 scubacam bags available that fit a multitude of camera and lens combinations, and most can have remote lens control from the surface if required and send picture to the surface via a waterproofed 30m long HDSDI cable. Pictured below are the 2 different sizes to give you an idea how they compare. The smaller bag on the left tends to fit cameras such as the Red Epic, Alexa Mini, Sony FS72, Alexa Amira and the larger one on the right is for much bigger camera systems and zoom lenses. 

Scubacam underwater housing for a variety of different cameras

The most popular cameras we set up for our scubacam bags are as follows, but if your preferred camera isn’t listed please drop us an email and we will endeavour to make sure it’s supported for you

  • Alexa Mini and Amira
  • Red Epic X, Scarlet, Weapon and Dragon DSMC’s
  • Alexa Classic, XT, XT plus
  • Panasonic Varicam – all models
  • Sony FS7 / 2 and F5 / F55 bodies
  • Canon C200 / C300mk2 and C500
  • Phantom 4K flex and Veo

Scubacam waterproof bags have an interesting reputation within the TV and Film industry and most of the negativity surrounding the bags is unfairly deserved, allow us to explain.

Most operators will have experienced leaking bags and this usually comes about because the hire house have not checked the bags properly for damage once it’s come back in from a shoot. To check the bag properly you have to submerge it in a tank of water and that’s not easy for most hire houses to implement. At Waterproof Media we have our own test tank and regularly check the bags before and after each shoot to make sure you don’t suffer with a bag that leaks.

That said it’s very easy for a bag to become damaged if not looked after properly during use, so a little education for the crew using it also really helps. Every bag we send out has comprehensive instructions on how to get the most out of it and more importantly how to avoid damage during use, prevention is better than any cure!

Our Scubacam bags come with some neat non-standard equipment too. The factory supplied SWIT monitor has been replaced with a user configurable Small HD 5” field monitor that allows the user to set exposure and focus tools when the monitor is inside the monitor housing.

Scubacam underwater bag with monitor

We have also replaced the factory supplied lemo cables with a more robust solution that is totally waterproof and longer in reach than the standard 12m cables. Also worth noting that most wireless follow focus and Teradeck systems work well when the bag is on the surface so cables are not always required.

We also urge you to consider carefully what you plan to use your bag for. In our opinion scubacam bags are for surface work only. You can dip them below the surface for a ‘look down’ shot and for half and half work they are good too, but if you’re planning to submerge these to a depth greater than 30cm you should consider a dive housing for your camera rather than a scubacam as the bags themselves are very buoyant which results in a wobbly shot as you force the bag below the surface.

We supply all our scubacam housings with 30m cables for picture to surface and lens control options and have surface power and Ethernet cabling too should that be required. We can pretty much configure all our bags to work with popular camera systems and any follow focus equipment that you have, or we can supply our own cameras and lens control hardware if required.

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