I’ve been a long time fan of Gates housings, still am to be honest and having bought my first one in 2007 I always thought I’d never look elsewhere. But in this line of work sometimes you have to accept that others can do a good job too, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing if my new Nauticam housing for the Alexa mini is going to be as reliable and robust as the Gates versions, only time will tell….

Also of interest for me personally is seeing how the image from the Alexa compares to our current Red Epic Dragon camera system. I’ve been an avid user and fan of Red camera systems since I bought my Gates housing for it in early 2013. What I do know is that over the last 2 years whilst I’ve enjoyed using the Red it’s always the Alexa that productions ask for, let’s hope they still keep asking!

At first glance the housing looks incredibly well made and was superb value for money, not that any of this gear is low cost, so it helps when there is a competitive option financially. The other aspect to this housing that attracted me was the ability to use our existing follow focus and surface monitoring equipment rather than investing (more money!) in new gear that I already have in operation.

Just need the camera now but that should be with me by the end of the month, will report back once it’s left the surface heading for the depths! IMG_20150817_134815

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