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Sorry folks, to be honest I’ve found it difficult to write blogs, mainly as nearly all productions these days have a lock down on social media content and the sharing of information. To be honest I totally agree with this as spilling the beans on what I’m up to could of course spoil the surprise, and make me unemployable! That said I have tried to write up a few pages of information on topics and equipment that I often get asked about, so I hope you find those of some interest

I do have a Facebook page set up for my company Waterproof Media which details productions and films that have aired, so maybe worth keeping an eye on my Facebook business page where you can ‘like’ the button for automatic updates

I’m also on Instagram where I upload images from expeditions to: rich_waterproofmedia

Underwater filming in the UK

I often get asked by production companies to explain the rules and regulations for anyone wanting to film professionally underwater, and by professionally I mean getting paid for it. That said the HSE that govern our underwater activities in the UK don't always see...

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Underwater housing for Alexa mini!

I've been a long time fan of Gates housings, still am to be honest and having bought my first one in 2007 I always thought I'd never look elsewhere. But in this line of work sometimes you have to accept that others can do a good job too, and I'm very much looking...

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August 2015

August started with a very interesting shoot on our doorstep for Walkers Crisps, yes Walkers Crisps.... And what do crisps have to do with underwater filming? not a huge amount unfortunately, but I was asked to shoot with a high speed camera from below the surface to...

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July 2015

Caption for the photo should read, what happens if I open this zip, clearly I didn't.... So July, as always, completed blighted by poor weather here in the UK. Traditionally I used to think winter time was reserved for travelling overseas but I'm not so sure anymore!...

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