Camera boats and film platforms are an important part of the creative aspect when filming on the water.

As MCA qualified boat skippers and experienced marine co-ordinators we understand perfectly what’s required for marine related filming.
Over the years we have acquired a good personal selection of vessels suitable for filming from, and have also built up an enviable contact list around the country of other suitable vessels.

As we spend our lives working professionally on the water we are able to advise sensible decisions when thinking about filming from boats in all marine environments

All our boats are equipped with modern 4 stroke petrol engines that are economical and environmentally friendly, and for silent propulsion whilst filming we have electric outboard engines that fit all our inflatable boats.

If you need any sized vessel from a single inflatable with an electric outboard to an ocean going tug, please send us an email to with your requirements and we will ensure you get the correct platform for your application.

Below are some images of our boats in action.