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Underwater Filming by Rich Stevenson

Underwater and marine filming services

For any underwater and marine filming services I can document extensive experience in all aspects of filming including the following:

♦ Natural history
♦ Shorts
♦ TV drama,
♦ Feature film
♦ Narrowcast online content,
♦ Broadcast TV commercials
♦ Presenter led documentaries.
♦ Music videos

Please click on this link to see a list of credits: Waterproof Media credit list

Above all I am used to working with high profile actors, artists and presenters who become engaged with filming in the marine environment, and I pride myself on a ‘safety first’ approach without over complicating production needs.


I’ve always invested earnings back into the company allowing for stable and natural growth and development.
This means I own all the equipment required to film underwater professionally, offering modern and up to date equipment for dry and wet hire requirements alike .
I believe that this makes life much easier for productions involved in water based filming activities, and if I don’t have a particular piece of equipment I will always outsource the requirement personally.
Another advantage is that I get the the chance to use the equipment in-between shoots, this also maintains my personal skills and provides time to develop new techniques for filming underwater.

Blue Sharks

camera boat

Please note that I’m always happy to work in a support role for your preferred operator or DoP, I’ve found this to be a good half way house between dry and wet hire meaning valuable production time isn’t lost on unfamiliar hired in equipment.

A list of equipment for ‘dry hire’ can be downloaded here: Underwater Camera Hire list

In addition to my free-lance work I run a small company called Waterproof Media that is named on the BBC and ITV approved diving contractors list. This means that I’m insured and registered to provide underwater and marine filming services in accordance with the H&SE approved code of practise, and to read a blog I wrote about filming underwater within the UK please click here

In production terms this means your project is insured and fit for purpose when working in UK waters, and for more details on the requirements please drop me an email to

Please click here to download a PDF brochure detailing my company – Waterproof Media services PDF

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