Rich Stevenson and Waterproof Media for underwater filming
Mobile: +44(0) 7876 256 353
Bristol: +44(0) 117 322 4988


Please get in touch

Due to the nature of my work that I undertake, I’m rarely in one place for an extended period of time, until the winter kicks in of course! I have a unit base down in Devon where most of the equipment and boats are located, but I live in Bath so close to Bristol and London locations.
For shoot mobilisation I use either base which is nearest to your filming location, this hopefully saves production time and money

Email is usually the quickest method of getting hold of me as sometimes it’s impossible and unprofessional to take calls when on shoots. You can email me directly using as emails forward directly to my mobile device for a speedy reply.

If you do call the mobile and I don’t answer it’s most likely I’m underwater filming, so just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I’m dry again! Alternatively text me on +44 7876 256 353 and I can call you back but please include some detail regarding your enquiry.

For you lovers of social media I have a Facebook business page and an Instagram page for my photos, I also have an IMDB Pro listing at

Contact details:

Rich Stevenson – +44(0) 7876 256 353 or email

Skype me at waterproofmedia (all one word, lower case)

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